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The 21st International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition


New Start for the Great Event of Medical Equipments & Academic Exchange
The 21st International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as CHINA MED as follows) has been grandly staged in Beijing, China, on Mar 19th . The brand-new hall of China International Exhibition Center, where the grand event has been launched, will witness the new brilliance of medical industry in the special period of world economic crisis. It is estimated that the peak season for the Chinese medical industry development will coming in the years of 2008-2010, which is mainly benefit from the relevant favorable policies of Chinese government.
As the most influential exhibition in Chinese medical instruments and equipments industry, CHINA MED is co-organized by the Health Department of General Logistics Department of Chinese People’s Liberaton Army, China World Trade Center Co., Ltd., Hui Tong Xingye International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd. 505 exhibitors from 22 countries including China, America, Korea, German and Japan, will take advantage of the three-day event to showcase the latest medical and health care innovations to an expected 10,000 trade visitors and buyers. About 2,000 buyers from the army and medical organizations around China and relevant personnel from the government and media, etc. attended this exhibition. They have expanded business negotiations and extensive academic exchanges on this event.
China Med 2009- Global Suppliers Showcased High-tech at its Best
CHINA MED 2009 not only furnishes large equipment showcasing zones for ultrasonography, biochemical and detection instruments, but also prepares special zones for medical consumables, orthopaedics related application information, radiation treatment and so on. Besides, a VIP Tour is also specially arranged for military senior executives, aiming to lead them to booths of the second generation dual-source CT featured with speedy scanning from Siemens Ltd., China Medical Solutions Group, Rayco (Shanghai) Medical Products Company Limited, LightSpeed CT from GE Healthcare China, Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd., Varian Medical Systems Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Philips Healthcare Greater China, Shimadzu International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., etc. While showcasing the various new advanced products from renowned companies, this event also boasts the user experience of medical treatments.
The second generation double-source technology of CT-SOMATOM Definition Flash of Siemens has particularly solved the two major difficulties in CT technology which has obsessed the industry for more than 30 years: namely speeding up the scanning so as to release the patients from a breath-holding checkup; and decreasing the radiation dose to realize the “Green Imaging”. Based on the Flash Spiral scanning technology, the second generation double-source CT- SOMATOM Definition Flash, complemented by two detectors and with the equipment rack rotation of 0.28 second per circle and the collection of seamless coarse pitch (Pitch>3), has accelerated the scanning speed greatly and guaranteed the image quality as well: only 0.25 second needed for the total heart scanning and 0.6 second for the total thoraces scanning together with shortened exposure time, sharply decreased radiation dose compared with the regular multi-slice CT, namely less than 1 mSv radiation dose required for the heart scanning.
High-end Concurrent Symposiums
This fair has seen more than 50 high-end symposiums concurring with the new products and technologies promotion and introduction conference. It has also embraced internationally famed companies and the medical scholars from domestic and overseas to have discussion on medical imaging equipment, medical digital imaging technology, medicine logistics, large-size equipments quality assessment, and modern stereotactic technology. Meanwhile, seminars about orthopaedic trauma, new progress in tumor imaging diagnosis, and clinical laboratory science have also been held. Academic exchange has risen as a new highlight in CHINA MED, sparkling together with the equipment exhibition and sourcing.
CHINA MED 2009 has strived for further improvement in diversified forefront symposiums, such as the Medical Imaging Equipment Summit Forum, 2009 National Conference on Management of Equipment Departments in Hospitals, Clinical Laboratory Science Lecture, Application Tendency of Medical Information under New Medical Reform, Modern Stereospecific Technology, Rehabilitation of Brain Injury, Forum of European and US Medical Market Admittance, Symposium of Medical Digital Imaging Technology, Medicine Logistics and Medical Equipments Quality Control, New Progress in Tumor Imaging Diagnosis, Large-size Equipments Quality Assessment, Lecture on Stomatology, the 1st International Modern Radiotherapy Technique Academic Forum, the 2nd Orthopaedic Trauma Seminar, etc.
Among them, the Medical Imaging Equipment Summit Forum has obtained the presence of the world leading CT, magnetic resonance, and X-ray apparatus manufactures and dealers, leaders from every large-scale military hospital, principals and personnel from related purchase departments of the hospitals. It has observed the latest products introduction of exhibitors, on-site questions raised by the equipment experts, and comments from the industrial renowned experts as well. The Forum of European and US Medical Market Admittance has involved the American FDA medical equipment registration practice, the influence of new bill as well as the new decree of EU on the medical equipment, which will be immensely beneficial for those local companies to enter the global market.
The 1st International Modern Radiotherapy Technique Academic Forum is to focus on the foreign advanced stereospecific radiotherapy equipment, technical development and the achievements in clinic application as well as the domestic current status and future development tendency etc. The 2nd Orthopaedic Trauma Seminar, combined with the orthopedics showcasing special zone, has invited the industrial academicians and national famous experts to deliver lectures on the spot in classes and present the latest instruments and equipment on site as well, through which the A class credit points of military further education is available for the students.
The coming medical system reform combining measures for domestic demand expansion will generate great influence for medical equipment industry, and bring more opportunities for China Med 2009. In addition, the central government has confirmed a 100 billion yuan investment, including 4.8 billion yuan for infrastructure construction, mainly for upgrading rural medical equipments and relevant resources, to further promote rural development as proposed in the Third Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee.
Launched in 1989, the annual CHINA MED has been experiencing growth in scale and ever-increasing exhibitors. Over 200 trade buyers from the Chinese armies and local medical organizations were invited to CHINA MED2008, on which the military contributed as high as 120 million USD purchasing, 30% up compared with that in 2007. Reputed as the only international medical instruments and equipments exhibition with UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) certification in China, CHINA MED has always been dedicating itself to building a high-end business platform for this industry with the tenet of internationalization and professionalization.

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